App Design and Creation

In 2000, our client, a small start-up, had developed a way-finding application to be used on handheld devices.  The app provided maps of museums with the ability to create personal "trails" of exhibits to see.  It showed the best route through the museum as well as walking directions.  With the proliferation of the iPhone and iPod, our client wanted to recreate the app for use on Apple devices.  Bright Angle was brought in simply to "lift and shift" the application but when we saw the potential of the app, we proposed a complete re-branding.  We renamed the app and worked with a creative team to design the logo, tagline, and web site.  We hired a third party development company to code the app and we worked with them daily to ensure that all of the requirements were met.  Bright Angle performed the QA, as well as all of the administration required to get the app accepted into the iTunes store.   The app was delivered on time and on budget and, since the first launch we managed the development and launch of a second version that includes in-app purchases.