Elizabeth Klemmer

Elizabeth Klemmer has worked in information technology for over 30 years and on web-based projects for over 20 years.  She has always brought a creative perspective to projects prompting one colleague to comment on her interesting combination of left brain and right brain. 
The projects that she's been involved in are largely focused in retail although she has worked in the finance, insurance, and non-profit sectors as well.  She has served in senior leadership positions as well senior technical positions and, in both, is always a successful team builder.  In addition to serving clients, she has launched numerous web sites and products where she exercises that interesting left brain-right brain combination.

Prior to founding Bright Angle, she was a senior project manager at Waldenbooks, rising from programmer in 4 years.
Prior to Waldenbooks, Elizabeth worked for Met Life where she received her programming training.  She has an MBA from UConn and a BA from Lehigh University.